Our History

Lago Winery and Mortals Key Brewing Company are both housed in re-imagined spaces located on a 140-acre farm adjacent to Pymatuning Lake.


Reverend McClain established the farm house on the hill in 1802 as part of a mission outpost in what was largely Indian territory at the time. Lago found its home in the dairy barn in 2011 and Mortals Key took up residence in 2016 in the tractor barn next door.


It’s been a struggle, an art project, a huge undertaking and a labor of love to save, restore, reimagine and transform the property over the last 214 years. Many good friends, family and talented artists have been involved since Reverend McClain and his group of Virginia carpenters came and began harvesting trees to create the timber framework that still stands squarely today within the walls of the farmhouse. We are forever indebted to them all.


It was Lago’s barn that was the first building we fell in love with after returning from a trip to Italy and walking through the structure that sat unused for 20 years. We bought the property in 2006 and it took 5 years to get the barn and house in shape to receive the now 30,000 plus visitors a year. The barn is almost completely original with no new wood used on the structure.


The most unique thing about the barn is that it was built on the grounds of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair as an exhibition barn. The admission sign still hangs on the wall. It was purchased by the McGranahan family and then disassembled and moved to Jamestown about one half mile down the road. During the Great Depression, the barn on our property burned down and the Jamison family purchased the McGranahan barn and rolled it down the street on logs pulled by draft horses to its current location. Mr. Crawford who was in his 90’s stopped at the winery one day to tell us that he helped with the moving when he was a young man.


It took three years to transform a 1960’s three-sided tractor shed into a steam punk metal art craft beer tasting room and high-tech brewery production facility for Mortals Key. We used remnants from several churches and barns, threw in a 1953 Bristol double decker bus for a kitchen and now we have a one-of-a kind experience for the beer lover on property.


The common theme running throughout the property is the relentless pursuit to bring our guests the best of everything.


Whether its the artisan well water in Mortals Key’s award-winning beers or the grape selection in Lago’s fabulous wines, attention to detail is our signature. Every day we hand make dough for Lago’s wood fired pizzas and all night we smoke meats for Mortals Key’s BBQ. We chase the best grapes available by single sourcing them from our Sister Winery Freedom Run, located three hours north of us. There we lease the largest Pinot Noir Vineyards on the East Coast and another 20 acres of mixed varietals. We also control the grape crop and selection from start to finish. A process that we believe makes a difference in the final product. We age and bottle our wine in the basement of the tasting room barn located in Jamestown.


One thing for sure is that this is a work in progress that may never be finished. Just this year we added a new barn to the property, this architecturally complex little gem houses Carried Away Outfitters and a soon to come Boutique shop.


Our wish is that all our guests get to escape to another world...even if its only for an afternoon.


Thank you and we hope you enjoy!


Doug & Connie Shannon


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